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Zen Em birth story

Planned home birth after doing hypnobirthing course

No complications, two additional scans, 1 for non-movement, 1 for growth

40+3 sweep

40+5 B day

woke up at 3am, strong consistent surges, sick

all 4s instinctive

called mum

moved into birth room

started filling birth pool

Emma all 4s cushions rocking

midwives with another couple - couldn't attend

techniques, breathing, movement, music, dim lights, smell

hydrated, food

into birth pool, relaxed, more regular surges

felt downward pull sensation

still no midwives, called family midwife

Karina & home birth team arrived

examination in pool, struggled to hear Oliver heartbeat 

out of pool for more detailed examination and monitoring, fully dilated, head there, still weak heartbeat

couldn't wee

BRAIN ambulance

uncomfy, bearable, paramedics using wrong language, focused on breathing

labour ward, CTG, scalp monitoring

8min low, urgent call made to team

waters broken, meconium

stirrups, forceps barely required, episiotomy (local), noting else required

surges almost stopped

1st push with surge, no further surges, 2nd push without

Oliver delivered at 10:13

fine, skin to skin

delayed clamping

didn't realise sex


no sign of placenta, injection given

cuddles, shower, moved to post-natal ward

overnight stay due to meconium

home next day

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