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"I really look forward to Emma’s yoga classes. She is very good at creating a lovely relaxed space. I always come away feeling renewed and strengthened."

- Wendy, Yoga

"Emma's yoga sessions are always varied and interesting delivered in a friendly atmosphere. We appreciate all the benefits and always look forward to the next class in beautiful surroundings."

- Marilyn and Bob, Yoga

"Emma is so lovely and very knowledgable.  Theyoga targeted all the areas that get sore in pregnancy.  She showed me some ways to use a birth ball during labour and I was so relaxed in the guided meditation that I nearly feel asleep!"

- Jade, Pregnancy Relaxation

"Most enjoyable friendly and relaxing, in a superb & healthy environment" 

- Jacqui, Yoga 

"I absolutely loved the class, it was easy and I felt amazing.  My body feels relaxed and I feel I’ve stretched all those places that ache the most in pregnancy."

- Tara, Pregnancy Yoga 

"We recently completed a hypnobirthing class with Emma via zoom the whole way from Australia and cannot recommend her enough. 

Emma was flexible with arranging a time that suited us (even with an 11hour time difference) and if we needed to move a class last minute, she was always able to accommodate this.

Although a midwife myself, I learnt SO much from Emma in regards to relaxation techniques, breathing and positions to help with early and established labour. I found Emma’s classes so informative especially when it came to packing a hospital bag and what things we would need to create our own perfect, relaxed environment (at home or hospital).

My husband (although initially wary of ‘hypno’birthing) has had his eyes well and truly opened and feels so well prepared to support me the best way he can when this baby decides it’s time to come into the world. He was so impressed with how much ‘sense’ hypnobirthing made and can’t wait to be involved in the birth instead of sitting on the sidelines.

I would encourage anyone considering hypnobirthing to book with Emma - it is clear she is SO passionate about providing mums and dads with the tools necessary to remain calm, informed, in control and positive no matter what type of birth you have and we found our sessions with her made us even more excited to meet our little bundle of joy!!"

- Mark & Becca Turner, Hypnobirthing 

"I always look forward to joining Emmas yoga classes, she is a great teacher, always making each session different, and ensuring you are achieving the positions correctly. Afterwards you have a feeling of being calm and relaxed."

- Alison, Yoga

"I feel so grateful to Emma and her teaching of hypnobirthing and would definitely tell every

expectant parent to do this. It helped me to be informed of my birth, make good decisions and most importantly keep calm.”

- Kerry, Hypnobirthing

"I highly recommend Emma and her amazing Hypnobirthing course! Emma is such a lovely lady and makes labour and birth feel and sound so natural and beautiful. I was very nervous about labour, birth, midwives, hospital and the unknown in general. After our first session I was already feeling more confident about how I could make my birth experience a positive one.


Emma gave us a lovely pack of goodies, which included a course pack, LED candles, massage lotion and much more which we used and was so helpful. Hypnobirthing itself is a great way of learning how to stay calm, understanding what your body is doing, learning about what your preferences are and how to make informed decisions. These were all very valued skills that I used during my pregnancy, during labour, birth and postpartum.


I really believe that because I did Emma’s course I had the most positive birth experiences I could have asked for. I did this course quite early on in my pregnancy which allowed me a lot of time to practice different calming techniques, relaxing, meditation, feel good affirmations, and massage techniques which supported me during labour and birth. I got lots of nice compliments from the midwives as well saying how calm and in the zone I was considering I am a first time mum.


Hypnobirthing really helped my husband to know his role during labour and birth, making him feel part of the journey and experience too. My husband was also my advocate, helping me to stay in the zone. These were all things we learnt from Emma. Once the course has finished Emma still provided amazing support, for example I messaged her about my decision to have a sweep at 41 weeks. I honestly can’t recommend Emma enough!! Thank you for everything!!”"

- Mary, Hypnobirthing

“Emma we are forever in your debt, hypnobirthing honestly saved me!!”

- Charlotte, Hypnobirthing

"I can’t recommend the hypnobirthing course enough. The techniques and tools really helped us to feel prepared and stay calm and positive. I’ll certainly continue to apply these techniques to day-to-day life.”

- Lauren, Hypnobirthing

"We’ve loved our hypnobirthing course, it was something both of us looked forward to every week! We feel so much more prepared and relaxed about pregnancy and birth, it gave us a much better understanding and helped dispel the anxieties we had around birth. My partner also felt he really benefited from the course as he now knows how important his role is, and he can do his own preparations to create the environment for me and our baby”

- Emma, Hypnobirthing

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