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What is Hypnobirthing?

Are you worried that birth will be like what you see on TV? Feeling anxious from all the traumatic stories you've heard?  I'm here to tell you that birth doesn't have to be like that!

Hypnobirthing is a form of antenatal education which focuses on providing you with techniques for a calm, relaxed and positive birth experience. When you learn how to relax and breathe effectively, it'll be like second nature when you need it the most. Staying relaxed during birth brings many benefits to both you and your baby, helping to shape their entrance into the world! Make your baby's birthday a day you'll always enjoy remembering. 


Taking a Hypnobirthing course is a fantastic way to prepare for the day that you will meet your baby. No matter what, where or how it happens, birth can be an enjoyable and amazing experience! Not just for home birth, Hypnobirthing can provide you with powerful tools to stay relaxed and connected to your birth experience in all scenarios. With Zen Em you will receive open minded teaching, which also draws knowledge from yoga and first hand experience of using hypnobirthing. 


Forget swinging clocks and mind control! Hypnobirthing is about helping you to reprogramme your own understanding of birth, replacing the negative images you see in the media with a positive mindset. On the course with Zen Em will help you to shape your ideal birth scenario, and will help you to navigate through the maternity system when faced with any decisions about your care. Your baby's birthday will happen 'with' you, rather than 'to' you. Click the link below to see what Zen Em offers.

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