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Pregnancy Relaxation

Pregnancy usually involves a mixture of joy, fatigue, aches, love and so many more emotions and feelings! Negotiating your way through every day life whilst growing a baby can be tiring, so this Pregnancy Relaxation class is designed to help you slow down and get some well deserved rest and relaxation. This workshop takes place once a month, and is suitable for second and third trimester. The class draws upon Zen Em's knowledge from both pregnancy yoga and Hypnobirthing offering you a unique fusion of the two. It encourages your body and mind to switch off, ready for a good nights sleep. The class will start with a gentle yoga flow, focusing on optimal foetal positioning and birth preparation. We will work on breathing techniques for labour and birth, as well as working the pelvic floor. The second part of the class will involve a restorative rest, and a Hypnobirthing script which is designed to guide you into a deep relaxation. This workshop is a fantastic companion to the Hypnobirthing course, helping to put the techniques into practise. However, it is beneficial for anyone looking to connect in with baby and enjoy some quiet time together.  

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Emma is currently only running private classes, please get in touch if you are interested

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Class Pass

£36 for 3

(to be redeemed within 6 months)

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