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Mummy & Baby, Postnatal Yoga

First of all, congratulations on your new arrival! Your body is an amazing thing... it has just nurtured, carried and birthed your baby! Your journey into motherhood is just as important, so making time to care for your changed body, hormones and mind is incredibly important. Yoga is a fantastic way to both aid your gentle recovery and find some time to rest.

Zen Em offers a friendly, inclusive and relaxed space to practise yoga.  Whether you need a natter with fellow mummies, confidence in your new body, specific postnatal care, or simply to take some time out... come and join Zen Em on the mat for some mummy TLC!

Mummy & Baby Yoga is a gorgeous class to enjoy some safe, postnatal yoga, but also bond with your baby whilst they do some yoga too!

Postnatal Care Yoga is available on a private basis to ensure you get a care plan specific to your body and recovery needs.

Mummy & Baby Yoga
  • Group class live on zoom so you can practise in the comfort and relaxing environment of your own home, whilst being able to chat with other Mums

  • Supportive and inclusive environment so you don't need to worry if your baby needs a cry, change, snooze, or feed!

  • Safe yoga to rebuild core and pelvic floor strength, ease tension, and aid your recovery 

  • Fun, simple yoga to interact and bond with your baby, encouraging their body to explore different movements and natural development

  • Suitable for Mum's with babies from 6 weeks (12 weeks after a c-section, episiotomy or 4th degree tear) until crawling

  • You'll need a mat, blanket to lay your baby on, a shaker/rattle and a muslin/lightweight scarf

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(starting 26th April)




Class Pass

£25 for 5

Mummy & Baby Yoga
Postnatal Care Yoga
  • Private 1-1 tuition with Zen Em

  • A bespoke postnatal care plan created to suit to your specific needs, aid your recovery and rebuild your strength in a nourishing and restorative way 

  • A phased approach to adapt and enhance the yoga as your body regains mobility, strength and energy

  • Zen Em has advanced postnatal knowledge and training in order to tailor your yoga sessions to help you recover from vaginal or surgical birth, abdominal separation (diastasic recti), and aid pelvic floor healing

  • Courses will include breathing techniques and relaxation to help you rest, ease tension and unwind

  • Available on zoom or in person, at a time that suits you and your family. You may prefer to practise when someone is on hand to help look after baby, but sessions are completely adaptable if your little one needs a feed or some attention!

  • Suitable from 6 weeks postnatal, or 10 weeks following a c-section, episiotomy or 4th degree tear

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Postnatal Care Yoga
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