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 Do I need a yoga mat? 


Zen Em has a limited number of mats available to borrow, which you are welcome to use when you are first trying yoga. If you intend to continue practising, it is advised that you invest in your own mat. This means you can choose a material and thickness that suits you, plus you can practise at home! If any other equipment is required during class, this will be provided by Zen Em. 


 What should I wear? 


Anything that is comfy, and that you can move in freely. Shorts, leggings, or sports attire are usually ideal. Crazy leggings are encouraged!


 How much does it cost? 


Please refer to the 'Classes' section, under which you'll find the price options under each various class or course. Private sessions will be priced on an individual basis to factor in specific requirements and travel costs etc. 


 I’m not flexible, can I do yoga? 


Absolutely! Yoga works to both strengthen and stretch the muscles, so classes will be designed to achieve a balance of both in order to create stability in our bodies. Over time with regular practise, you may find your flexibility improving. But touching your toes is not a prerequisite!


 I have a medical condition, can I do yoga? 


It is always advisable to speak to a medical professional before undertaking a new form of physical activity. If your Doctor has given you the go ahead, it is your responsibility to keep Zen Em updated with any relevant information that may impact your practise. Yoga is beneficial for many conditions, but it is also your responsibility to practise with care and awareness of your body. In some cases, Zen Em may request a medical note to ensure you are fit to practise. 

Full Zen Em Health Waiver Policy can be found here


 I’m pregnant, can I do yoga? 


Before you start prenatal yoga, it is advisable to speak to your medical care provider. If you have any particular conditions or concerns at any point in your pregnancy, Zen Em may ask to see written approval from your GP or midwife. All being well, you can start practising prenatal yoga from your second trimester, right up until you give birth!

Full Zen Em Health Waiver Policy can be found here 

 What is the 'hypno' part of hypnobirthing? 

Don't worry, there is no hocus pocus involved! Zen Em won't be dangling a clock in front of your eyes to put you in a trance. Instead, you'll learn techniques to help yourself go into a relaxed state. Please see "What is Hypnobirthing?" for more information.

 When can I start Postnatal Yoga? 

In most cases, you will see your GP for a 6 week check up after giving birth. If they give you the go ahead, you can start attending Mummy & Baby classes which are suitable until baby starts crawling! If you have had a C-Section, episiotomy or 4th degree tear then you will need to allow your body a bit more time and can join classes from 12 weeks.  

 Can I feed my baby during Postnatal Yoga? What if they cry? 

Of course! Mummy & Baby Yoga classes offer a safe, judgment free space to feed, change and care for your baby. Sometimes babies just want to be held, so Zen Em will show you how to safely incorporate your baby during postures. There will even be a short section of Baby yoga designed to aid your little one's development. 

 What is the cancellation policy? 

For all group yoga​ classes, cancellation made at least 6 hours before the class start time will be refunded in full, or credited back to your Class Pass. Any cancellations after this time will be down to Zen Em's discretion. 

For Hypnobirthing Courses, any cancellations made 14 days before the course start date will be refunded, minus the £50 deposit. 

Full Zen Em Terms & Conditions can be found here

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