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Who is Zen Em?

Hi, I'm Emma... aka Zen Em!

Being zen doesn't always come natural to me. It's something I have to work on everyday, and has led me on an amazing journey to become a Mummy, yoga teacher, and hypnobirthing teacher. I live in West Sussex with my lovely husband Max, and our gorgeous boys Oliver and Rory.


I had two completely different birth experiences with my sons, but the tools and techniques that I'd learnt through Hypnobirthing were incredibly valuable in different ways. One birth went exactly as I'd hoped, and the other didn't remotely go to plan... but both were beautiful and positive in their own way! They showed me just how incredible, powerful and even enjoyable birth can be! To read my full birth stories, please click here.

We often hear “as long as baby arrives safely that’s the main thing”. That of course is our ultimate wish as parents, but I’d like to rephrase that to “one of the main things”. As parents, your experience of how your little one enters the world is just as important. That doesn’t mean every birth has to be completely natural or take place at home. Instead, we can change the narrative around birth so that no matter where or how it happens, it is a positive experience for you. 

At Zen Em, I can offer you a unique fusion of yoga and hypnobirthing to give you a wholesome approach to pregnancy, birth and beyond. My mission is to support women on their journey through motherhood!

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